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Friday, April 20, 2007

Nurses to strike over pay

The City of London is so invidious! Nurses are unhappy with 2.5% pay rise because average earnings rose by 4%. However it turns out that average earnings EXCLUDING city bonuses rose by 0% - and the nurses are striking because they feel left behind when they aren't actually left behind.
We need to reintroduce the top rate tax band, but this time recognising the real high earners - set it at 70% for earnings over £500,000. Then we need to close loopholes that currently allow very high earners to evade tax, for example by declaring themselves tax exiles. I think in USA if you wish to retain your right to work in USA you have to prove either that you pay ak least as much tax where you live as you would in the states, or pay the extra to USA.
Who's for it?


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