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Sunday, November 05, 2006

All we like sheep

Yesterday we wanted to get sheep from one paddock to another, and the sheep didn't know what was good for them and kept running in the opposite direction.
We'd approach calmly and quietly, fanned out across the field, but the sheep remembered that normally there was a barrier where we had now left a gap, so they wouldn't cross the line. Besides, these sheep were being fattened up for slaughter, and they didn't have watches to tell them that it wasn't time to go yet - anywhere we wanted them to go must be bad news! We were moving them because they'd eaten the grass in their paddock and needed to move to new grass (in winter you can't let them eat the grass right to the ground because it turns into a sea of mud when the grass doesn't grow for months)

Eventually they accidentally ended up where we wanted them, and we closed the gate.

How often have I objected to change on principle, without stopping to think whether the change is actually better for me?


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